Tuesday, June 23, 2009

12 Fruits select WaTunes to release SOUNDWAVE by June 25!

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Fresh from the WaTunes Blog and from WaTunes CEO, Kevin Rivers himself:
"Hey guys,We are very happy to say that 12 Fruits as chosen WaTunes to release their latest compilation: SoundWave. This compilation will featured 14 bands and 2 bonus tracks. This compilation will be available on iTunes on June 25th, 2009. Great bands including: The Sophmore Beats, Select Start, I Am Empire, Another Option, and more! Be sure to pick up your copy from these amazing bands and spread the word to your fellow community. Here at WaTunes, we're all about opportunities!"

Check out the SOUNDWAVE promo video here.

You can also check out the SOUNDWAVE announcement on their page:
"The CD will be hitting all tour dates as mentioned before, so don't be worried because we will get to your area!If the tour is not hitting your area, you will be missing out not only on our CD but an awesome show! The CD will officially release online (itunes and Shockhound) on June 1st! We will also be selling real copies online through bigcartel.More information will be posted as in which Hot Topics the CD will hit and where else the CD will be sold! We will be updating this page as much as we can for you."

Here are the bands on the CD:Another OptionRookie of the YearSelect StartI Am EmpireVega Under FireThe Sophomore BeatThe Last Place You LookRender Me SpeechlessMy So Called LifeMr Fyner and the Tech Ed RoomBackdropAlmost ThereA Love Not LostBe sure to download the SOUNDWAVE album on iTunes and ShockHound on June 25!

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